Pool Surveillance Cameras

Rules for Pool Surveillance Cameras:


Purpose of the surveillance camera system is to help identify individual(s) responsible for damage to association property. It will also be used to confirm the violation or pool rules.


There will be no unnecessary reviewing of any videos. Reviewing will be limited to a complaint being filed with the pool committee or damage to association property.

Members of Carolina Oaks and Timberland Trails communities have 10 days from occurrence to file a complaint. The complaint must be in written form and signed by the individual.  Emails are acceptable.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the pool committee will review all videos for confirmation of a violation.

To view video a security code needs to be entered. The security code is only known by two board members who are not on the Pool Committee.  This board member and the pool committee representative will view the video together to make the determination.  Review must be completed within 7 days. 

There will be no time limit on identifying responsible parties for damage to association property.

There will be no video retention past the cycle write over except when a complaint has been confirmed. The video will be copied and filed as a permanent record when confirmation has been made.


Update to 2016 Pool Rules:


Pool Entry: Entrance to the pool area is permitted only by members using their own badge.  Badges are not to be shared with other members.  Members are not to pen gates to allow other individuals(s) entry to pool area.  Badges must be presented upon request made by any pool committee member or board of directors.

Confirmation of Pool Violation: Complaint of pool rule violations can be confirmed by a second non-family member, personal cell phone video or pool surveillance camera.

Trespassing: Members and their guest are authorized to use the pool only when all HOA dues and outstanding fines are paid, pool usage agreement is signed and returned, and access is not denied due to rules infractions.  Individuals will be charged with trespassing if they are not authorized to use the pool.